How do I install GPS Tracking Software on my own Server?


    With FleetStack it’s very easy to install GPS Software on your own server, we made it easiest even though you are not a technical background. You just need to download setup and install it to your Server.

    If you are looking for complete control and customization over your GPS tracking software while ensuring data privacy, installing it on your own server is an excellent choice. By hosting the software on your infrastructure, you can tailor it to your specific needs, have full ownership of your data, and enjoy enhanced security. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to install GPS tracking software on your own server.


    Preparing Your Server Environment

    Before installing GPS tracking software, ensure that your server meets the necessary hardware requirements. This typically includes sufficient processing power, memory (RAM), storage space, and network connectivity to support the software and accommodate future growth.

    Firewall and Access Control

    Configure your server’s firewall to allow the necessary network traffic for the GPS tracking software while blocking unauthorized access. Set up access control mechanisms, such as IP whitelisting or user authentication, to restrict access to the software interface. also create inbound rule for listening GPS Device data on port range 5000-6000 may be different on different use cases.

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